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Spatial Exploration of Economic Data – methods of intetrdisciplinary analytics (Spationomy)

1. 9. 2016
—  31. 8. 2019
  • Smluvní výzkum:
  • Zdroj financování:
    Erasmus+, KA2 Strategic partnership, no. 2016-1-CZ01-KA203-024040

The aim of this project is to improve students’ interdisciplinary skills by interconnecting different fields – economy, management, business informatics and (geo)informatics/geomatics. They will simulate economic/business analytics issues from real world via games during short-term intensive courses and blended mobility in order to bring economics/business and (geo)information together.

The mix of students establishes a platform for sharing knowledge on different levels of education. Students with different disciplinary backgrounds share a need and interest in learning about methodologies in advanced economic data analyses. Students will bring skills sets that complement each other and will share their experience. Spationomy helps to build the links between economy, quantitative data analysis and geomatics, mainly through informal learning.

Staff from participating organizations are directly participating in the project and will work together in order to bring their different specialization together, to develop new learning methodologies and to transfer interdisciplinary approaches (in various tasks) to students as well as to wide audience (via scientific outputs).