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Influence of environmental determinants on active transport of Czech children and adolescents in the context of 24-hourbehavioural patterns

1. 1. 2023
—  31. 12. 2025
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    UPOL - JG_2023_007

Active transport to school, as an element that increases the chance of meeting health recommendations for physical activity, is becoming an increasingly important topic in today’s world (covid-19, high inflation, car crisis, sustainability). As part of the project, both the analysis of already available (unpublished) data, as well as the preparation and application of multidisciplinary diagnostics of this phenomenon will be implemented.
The main goal is to reveal the essential relationships between the objectively measured (or subjectively perceived) school environment and the implementation of active transport of Czech children and adolescents to school. The results and benefits of active transport will be communicated both to the participating schools and their pupils, as well as to urban officials for the purpose of environmental changes in support of the active transport of Czech children and adolescents.