Doktorské studium ve Španělsku

Pokud by někoho lákalo rozjet akademickou kariéru v nějakém klimaticky teplejším regionu, je tady nabídka PhD studia ve Španělsku:

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, fully accredited online university with headquarters in Barcelona (Spain), is looking for PhD candidates for Network and Information Technologies Doctoral Programme (see thesis proposal below) to start September 2020. Potential candidates may adress Dr. Josep Cobarsí

Natural disasters have a significant and increasing impact all over the world. There is a growing concern about them, so Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is increasingly in international agenda, with special focus on cities because growing concentration of people and assets in urban zones. This thesis proposal sets up the scientific and technical basis for a significantly improved resilience to natural hazards (such as climate related hazards, earthquakes, etc.) and their human and socioeconomic impacts in urban zones.

The proposal is based on three principles, inspired by UN Sendai Framework and related to UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: 1) Focus on prevention and resilience building oriented. 2) Inclusive “whole-of-society” approach, to involve non-traditional stakeholders not usually involved in DRR planning and decision making (such as households, SMEs, NGOs, etc.). 3) Data-driven approach, to integrate in DRR planning and decision-making diverse types of data (including small data, thick data, and big data) from a wide range of sources, and including reuse of data.

This thesis proposal will conduct research about data-based instruments for DRR planning and decision making (such as indexes, models and scorecards) applied to urban environments.

This thesis proposal is included in our PhD research line about data science:

You may find all information, including UOC grants, about Network and Information Technologies Doctoral Programme at this site:

The deadline for applications is 12 February 2020.