Stipendium na studium v Číně

Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences provides the MASTER and PhD scholarship. Any potential applicant can apply in double degree  or joint degree program.
The deadline is March 31.
1)      Most important , mandatory, document is degree diploma of Master or equal.  Or a proof document of graduation before September 1, 2018 from home university for a student who is still studying.
2)      Language requirement:  Chinese is better. If no, then English language. In this case, for student who already took some English courses can be exempted from English test result with a proof document of English skills.  Published English paper or thesis or a proof document of instructed in English will be ok. All master students in English teaching program is fine. we can also think of dual/ joint PhD degree. Joint supervision.
3)      All other documents mentioned on the website can be discussed and can be solved. Or can be accepted later.