Online studium webových map, geovizualizací a D3.js

University of Kentucky nabízí zajímavé online studijní programy Digital Mapping a Master of Science. Programy jsou určeny pro studenty, který se chtějí neustále zlepšovat svoje teoretické a hlavně praktické znalosti z oblasti digitální kartografie. Stručný opis programů v angličtině naleznete níž nebo na uvedených webových stránkách:

The University of Kentucky Department of Geography and New Maps Plus are proud to offer two exciting fully-online programs in Digital Mapping – an 11-credit Graduate Certificate, and a new 30-credit Master of Science!  The new MS program is designed for students seeking advanced technical and theoretical training in a challenging and intensive digital mapping curriculum that emphasizes the acquisition of technical skills – coding, GIS, web development – while also preparing you to critically address the complexity of today’s information ecosystem.

The Graduate Certificate (offered since 2015) is a sequence of three courses (MAP671, MAP672, and MAP673) that focus on online and open source mapping tools, JavaScript programming, and cartographic design for the web – the essentials of generating interactive web maps with free tools.

All classes run for 10 weeks and are offered during four seasonal terms starting in January, April, July, and October.  New Maps Plus is currently accepting applications for Spring and Summer 2019 starts.  Prospective students should contact for admission requirements.  The application deadline for the upcoming Spring term is April 2nd.  GRE scores are not required.

 Visit our website to review sample syllabi for the courses or check out some of the student map samples, and please don’t hesitate to email us with any questions about the program or application process.