15. 10. 2016

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Nabídka práce – GIS konzultant

Společnost O2 IT Services s.r.o. nabízí pracovní pozici GIS konzultant v Praze. Více informací ZDE

5. ročník Studentské soutěže Nakladatelství Academia

Nakladatelství Academia, Středisko společných činností AV ČR, v. v. i., vyhlašuje 5. ročník Studentské soutěže Diplomové práce z kategorií Vědy o živé přírodě a chemické vědy, Vědy o neživé přírodě, Humanitní a společenské vědy mohou vedoucí prací i kateder přihlašovat do 20. října 2016. Více informací na http://www.academia.cz/studentska-soutez.html. 

Seasonal GIS Technician Wanted – Delaware State Parks

Seasonal Employee Tradeshelper - GIS Technician


Division of Parks and Recreation, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901

Job Summary – GIS Technician assists in geographic map production; maps and data development for displays; collecting, modifying and preparing GIS data; geospatial analysis support; and other associated GIS work. Position may assist in park planning, as well as functions related to the  Division’s three administrative units. Position may assist with the following types of projects: planning, research and coordination for park or trail planning projects; analyses to provide data and information needed to guide the park planning, development, acquisition, business or management decisions; outdoor recreation research supporting Division’s Park Planner functions.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                                                                             

Outdoor Recreation Site Inspections:  Conduct five year cycle desktop and on-site inspections of parks and park facilities statewide – state, county and local outdoor recreation, park, and conservation areas. Utilize Trimble GPS unit to collect and edit data for related datasets and projects (i.e. Outdoor Recreation Inventory, trails and pathways, Bayshore Initiative, park accessibility, and cultural resources). Maintain Delaware’s Outdoor Recreation Inventory.                                                                                                                            

GIS Assistance: Assist GIS Manager in building the Division’s Geographic Information System. Update and queries multiple GIS datasets; edit and create geospatial data and features; post conversion editing and labeling; and create new or build on existing attribute information for parks, facilities, conservation lands. Coordinate with other Division’s Park Resource Office Manager, GIS Manager, and planners to develop, update, and share datasets used for planning and report making.                                                                                       

GIS Analysis and Planning:  Collaborate with Division’s Park Resource Office Manager and planners to perform GIS analysis to guide decision making on a wide spectrum of projects. For example, analyze current facility conditions, area limitations, and public survey comments on proposed projects.  Work in conjunction with Park Managers, state agencies, and private organizations to create special use maps for the Division (i.e. Emergency Management Plans, Regional Trail Maps, Outreach Program Maps, and Special Event Maps).

Preferred Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in Geographic Information Systems, Planning, Geography, Computer Science, Parks and Recreation or a closely related field preferred. However, candidates nearing the completion of their degree will also be considered.  Candidate must possess strong written and oral communication skills. Candidates should be proficient with ArcGIS 10.0 software.  Experience with ArcGIS Online and Trimble GPS units is preferred. Candidates with strong map production skills, problem solving and analytical abilities, demonstrated organizational skills and attention to detail, effective interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills are encouraged to apply.  Must have a valid driver's license to conduct on-site evaluations and inspections.      

Work Location & Schedule

Position is located in Dover, Delaware and assigned to the Park Resource Office, Division of Parks & Recreation, Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control.  The position is classified as Seasonal with a 30 hour work week. 

How to apply

Send resume including work and education; knowledge, skills and abilities; and sample of GIS products to Michael.Krumrine@state.de.us.  Post information by June 15, 2016.

PhD ve Velké Británii

Na katedru přišla nabídka doktorského místa ve Velké Británii:


Dear Professor Vozenilek,

It has been long time since we met at the ICGIP conference again in Singapore. Hope everything is well with you.

I am writing to inquire if you have student to recommend for a PhD program. I currently have a full PhD bursary and recruiting one PhD student. The student will receive over £1,000 per month for living expense. The bursary will cover the tuition fee as well.

Please feel free to recommend a candidate. The research areas will be in image processing or graphics. Please let me know ASAP if you have some candidates. The interested candidates can contact me for any inquiries and application.

Thank you. Kind regards,

Dr. Hui Yu, PhD, Reader (Professor /US)
Head of Visual Information Processing Group
School of Creative Technologies
University of Portsmouth,
Portsmouth, PO1 2DJ

Email: hui.yu@port.ac.uk


Osmý ročník Sportovního dne katedry ovládl GIS team těsně před týmem 5. ročníku, na třetím místě se umístil 2. ročník. Ve fotogalerii naleznete fotky od Honzy Opletala a Ing. Dobešové. Děkujeme všem zúčastněným, zvláštní dík pak samozřejmě organizátorům.

Po celém světě máme spolupracující instituce a odborníky na poli vědy a výzkumu.