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Tourist maps consist of lot of information which impact on orientation in terrain. Due to the net of tourist routes signs in terrain the tourist maps are the most used maps for the public.

The main teoretic goal of the thesis is detailed research of literature which is focus on tourist maps, their evaluation and symbology.

The main goal of practical part of diploma thesis is optimization of tourist maps by eye-tracking testing. The work also includes a survey of 190 respondents. Due to survey preferences of users were detected. Based on survey were created stimulus for three user-testing which was attended by total of 65 respondents. The technology of eye-tracking and the Hypothesis platform was used for user-testing.

The user-testing is about comparing original and modify map. The company Geodézie On Line provided basemap in 1 : 25 000 scale. The modified map includes some changes in map content and also in symbology. The map changes were tested and validated by respondents.

The results of diploma thesis is set of symbology changes to simplify map reading and changes to simplify map content and cognition that people worked with modified map faster than with original map. The changes in symbology and in map content didn't have strong impact on the accuracy of exercises.

Diploma thesis contains comprehensive view on the issue of turist maps.

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