The main goal of the bachelor thesis was the creation of a thematic atlas of the Olomouc region with the emphasis on the use of the modern graphic approaches, including the presentation of the data in the infographic design.

The theoretical part of the work deals with the making of the atlas and infographics. The content, the design of the atlas and the methods of the cartographic visualization were designed according to the research part and the available geodata. The most important source of geodata was provided by the Regional Office of the Olomouc Region. Other data were obtained from publicly available sources and from the online database of the theses of the Department of Geoinformatics.

Some data could be immediately uploaded to the GIS, others had to be pre-processed in Microsoft Excel from Microsoft Office 365. As regards for editing, analysis, and basic visualization of the spatial data, they were done in Esri software, ArcMap version 10.6 of the ArcGIS for Desktop package.

The most significant part of the work consisted of the graphic processing of the atlas and design of infographics. This was accomplished by using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign from Creative Suite 6 (CS6). Firstly, maps were modified in Adobe Illustrator and the additional compositional elements such as texts, images and graphs were then added. Then the atlas was completed in Adobe InDesign and pre-printing preparation was made.

The main result of the work is the thematic atlas with the title Olomoucký kraj | tematický atlas. Its digital version in PDF, together with the poster in A2 format and the text of the thesis, is available on the website of the thesis, which is located on the website of the Department of Geoinformatics, Palacky University Olomouc.