Bakalářská práce

Úvodní fotografie


Conventional paper maps have a large group of users despite the popularity of modern digital maps. Therefore, it is even more important to involve users in the process of map creation by adapting products to real preferences and needs of the target group of users. The primary aim of this bachelor thesis is the evaluation of user preferences on paper maps and user study. An online questionnaire was created to detect map users’ preferences. The preferences that were identified from the user responses were subsequently verified by user testing using eye-tracking glasses and the think-aloud method. By taking these steps, the user preferences were verified. The results of the experiments were evaluated, and satisfactory conclusions were drawn. One of the main findings was that the user preferences during the selection of a product could completely change after using it. The results were interpreted so they could be used in practical map creation, which focuses the users' preferences and also meets their needs.