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Analyzes in human geography

The research of geoinformaticians focused on human geography is mainly carried out in the form of small research groups. In the long term, the research activities emphasize spatial analysis, analysis of spatial patterns and application of spatial statistics methods, in general it is the application of quantitative research methods. Most of the research is of an applied nature, with many outputs including new datasets, specialised maps, scripts, models or map applications.

The most frequently addressed research topics include:

  • Multicriteria analysis of land suitabilty
  • Assessment of disparities between rural and urban areas
  • Spatial economics – Spationomy
  • Quantitative methods for quality of life assessment
  • Transport accessibility analyses
  • Transport behaviour analyses
  • Analyses of urban spatial structures
  • Application of spatial statistics to continuity/discontinuity assessment
  • Aggregation and disaggregation of statistical data
  • Mobile operator data analyses

Selected publications