Bakalářská práce


The main aim of this bachelor thesis was to evaluate the city maps for selected cities in the Czech republic using the eye-tracking technology. This goal was fulfilled by realization of two eye-tracking experiments (testings), an on-line questionnaire and evaluation of the maps using special cards for all cities. In the beginning, the city maps of all regional cities of the Czech republic were obtained and later evaluated. The theoretical part of the thesis included the definition of city maps, their content and specifications.

The first eye-tracking testing was interested in the evaluation of 13 maps for all regional cities of the Czech republic. 34 respondents were searching for an info centre and a route from point A to point B in the maps. The results of the first testing provided the differences between some maps and several cases showed the inadequacy of some city maps. The aim of the second testing was to evaluate selected signs from the city maps. The signs for this eye-tracking testing were chosen based on the results of the on-line questionnaire and these symbols were evaluated on two different backgrounds.

Finally, the results of the on-line questionnaire, the first and the second eye-tracking experiments were summarized in a complex of basic recommendations for the creation of city maps. These recommendations were later visualized by creating a new city map of Olomouc, which should be used only as a visualization tool of the results accomplished in this thesis.