Program pro výpočet plošného indexu v rámci kruhových výsečí

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The goal of this thesis was to calculate area indexes for cities selected from Urban Atlas database using the tool Area Index From Circular Sectors created in previous bachelor thesis, on which this thesis follows up. Following goal was to compare the selected cities based on the calculated area indexes for each of the selected classes in regards to the options provided by the tool.

First stage of this thesis was to create sectors templates for each of the selected cities and select classes that would be used to compare them. In next stage area indexes were calculated for five selected classes for each of the 100 cities that were selected. These area indexes were used as an input data for correlation and cluster analysis for the purpose of finding out similarities or similar groups between these cities. Results of correlation analysis were used as an indicator of similarity between cities. Results of hierarchical cluster analysis were used to identify groups of similar cities in each class.

Area indexes calculated inside circular sectors were visualized for the purpose of interpreting their similarities and characterizing them. Interpretation of resulting similarities were based on results of correlation analysis, which group the cities belong to and visual comparison of the calculated area indexes.

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