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The diploma thesis deals with modifications and functional extensions of the Uncertainty Interpolation program package for the R software, particularly with the possible parametrization of its features and format conversion of the old S3 structures to S4 version. The goal of the thesis is to enable a user to utilize all functions of the program and to point out the influence of the uncertainty on data using the fuzzy theory. This goal is achieved through the features that allow extending the selected data with several uncertainty models; in addition to that, these features offer some basic interpolation methods as well. All of the operational algorithms and processes were created and tested in The R Project for Statistical Computing software. The final package as an R tool includes a number of features designated for definitions of object classes of the S4 data structures, input data, uncertainty model, interpolation processes, grid-making, data transformation, variogram approximation, and visualization. The result of the thesis is therefore a new version of the original UncerIn package that is annotated properly and ready-to-use.


diploma thesis, uncertainty, interpolation, S4, R package

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