The main goal of the bachelor thesis was to compile a thematic atlas of selected natural characteristics of the Olomouc Region. After consultation with the thesis supervisor Dr Vondráková, the final assignment and a target group of users were specified (high school students, especially from grammar schools). A partial goal was to create a workbook for the atlas, which would help the real use of the atlas in geography lessons in teaching regional geography.

The partial goals were divided into the theoretical and the practical part. The professional research included the definition of an atlas and atlas cartography and further focused on existing works. A detailed examination of this theme is available in the work of Vondráková (2012), Porteš (2017), Žejdlík (2020) and others, therefore no known information has been repeated. Space was devoted more to the analysis of topics, i.e. natural characteristics. Based on the information gained from the School education programs, expert consultations and analysis of the available data, the content of the atlas was defined and appropriate methods of cartographic visualization were established.

The practical part involved obtaining and processing data. Publicly available data sources, data provided by the Regional Office of the Olomouc Region and existing datasets from the Department of Geoinformatics, Palacký University Olomouc, were used.

Most of the data were processed in ArcGIS Pro version 7.1 by Esri, some of the necessary data were preprocessed in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet from Microsoft Office 365. Some data were not processed in GIS at all but were graphically processed directly in the graphics program.

This was followed by the creation of a mock-up of the atlas, and after the creation of maps, the mock-up was filled. All the graphical work that made up the most comprehensive part of the entire atlas creation was done in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign from the Adobe Creative Cloud package. In Adobe Illustrator, maps were graphically processed and map legends were added. In Adobe InDesign, text, charts, illustrations, photos, and other superstructure compositional elements were added.

In agreement with the supervisor, a workbook was created for the atlas, which copies the chapters from the atlas and contains tasks that students will verify, supplement or consolidate the knowledge gained by using the atlas. Both the workbook and the atlas were subjected to user testing at the F. X. Šalda Grammar school in Liberec.

All procedures were consulted with the head of the work Dr Vondráková, with employees of the Department of Geoinformatics of Palacký University from the Regional Office of the Olomouc region who expressed interest in the results presented in the atlas and the data prepared as part of the atlas creation.

The main result of the thesis is a thematic atlas called Atlas of Nature of the Olomouc Region and its associated workbook.