bachelor thesis

Possibilies of calculation characteristics of transport network of countries and cities

author: Adam Tóth
supervisor: doc. Ing. Zdena Dobešová, Ph.D.
Department of Geoinformatics, Faculty of Science, Palacký University
Olomouc 2022

The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to calculate chosen spatial characteristics of transport network. To automatize calculation of the characteristics, Python scripts should be programmed and stored in a toobox for ArcGIS Pro. Characteristics of transport network should be determined for chosen European cities and countries in a suitable hexagonal grid.
Text of the thesis is focused on tools for ArcGIS Pro (tested for versions 2.8.3 and 2.9.2), that calculate chosen characteristics. Tools's code is explained and described in chapter 4. Process of development, tools testing and possible interpretation of characteristics is in chapter 5.
In chapter 5, there are also described changes in script Fractal dimension in comparison to the original script FractalDimensionCalculation (Kuznichenko, 2020), whereas script Fractal dimension, presented in this thesis, was created on the basis of that original script FractalDimensionCalculation.
Altogether, there are 6 tools programmed and one of them uses commands and algorithms of the original script FractalDimensionCalculation. 5 tools calculates 13 characteristics of transport network out of which the sixth tool calculates summary transport index. List of tools and characteristics is in the section Výsledky (Results). All tools offer an option to set coordinate system in which the calculation is carried out, a choice of repository and format of the output layer (shapefile in folder or feature class in geodatabase) and a choice of type of the output layer (hexagonal grid with adjustable size or polygon layer selected by user). For all tools a user help was created in the user interface in ArcGIS Pro and all tools are stored in a toolbox named "characteristics_of_transport_network.tbx".
Testing of tools was carried out on 10 European cities (hexagonal grid with the hexagon size of 50 km2) and 6 European countries (hexagonal grid with the hexagon size of 50 km2). Outputs of this testing are stored in geodatabases on the SD-card enclosed to this thesis.
A map was created from the output of each tool, altogether 6 maps were created. They are attached as loose annexes at the end of this thesis.
Toolbox and Python scripts are published at github together with sample data and instruction for use. The purposes of this thesis were fulfilled enough and the toolbox with tools as the main result of the thesis is ready to use.