The main aim of diploma thesis is to analyze and evaluate the influence of labels and fonts in maps to the user’s perception of cartographic works. The thesis contains review of the literature dealing with the labels and fonts in maps, with particular emphasis on work dealing with the labels in maps.

For the testing of font parameters was chosen an eye-tracking method. Testing was conducted in three waves. After the first test there was the evaluation and design of new test questions. These new questions were created on the base of results of the first test. The ET was focused on the font size, the fixation count and comparison of serif and sans serif font. Testing was statistically evaluated.

A questionnaire was created for testing the labels of the maps. The aim was to determine user’s graphic design preferences. The questionnaire was created from an existing maps and respondents were inquired about different options of label and they chose the most suitable answer for them. Responses were evaluated and compared between the people with cartographic specialization and without (the people from the public sphere).