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Optimalizace kartografických výstupů vybraných informačních systémů pro veřejnou hromadnou dopravu

Vítejte na webových stránkách k diplomové práci vypracované roku 2018 Bc. Davidem Novákem na
Univerzitě Palackého v Olomouci, katedře geoinformatiky. Vedoucím práce je prof. RNDr. Vít Voženílek, CSc.


The aim of this diploma thesis was to analyze the use of maps in information systems for passengers in public transport with a focus ton comparing Czech and foreign production and to determine the influence of schematization on the perception of the area by the reader with an aim to increase the effectiveness of the maps. This objective was achieved by analyzing 80 collected schematic maps, which were classified according to the schematic criteria and used means of expression. In addition, the work was focused on user analysis, when an eye-tracking experiment was created using the current maps used as stimuli, of which 20 were intended for the free viewing section and 15 for the question section. This section consisted of three types of questions focused on orientation in a map based on labels, lines, points, and overall orientation in the network. Testing with 15 respondents was preceded by pilot testing with 5 respondents. Statistical analysis of the experiment showed differences in the perception of maps by respondents and the problematic aspects of the means of expression and their use in schematic maps. These are described in the chapter 4.2.3.
In addition, 3 questionnaires were produced, one of them in the English version. These questionnaires were designed to gain insight into user approach, author approach, and transport organizations approach to the problematic of using maps in passenger information systems. The last step of the analysis was a moderated interview with a focus group with 5 respondents. The results of these parts were used to design a map creation optimization, which is presented in the form of a nine-step effective map creation process. This proposed method was used to create a prototype map of the public transport system in Olomouc.
Schematic maps still have a strong position in passenger information systems. Even at the time of easily accessible, individually available mobile applications for public trasnport journey planning and navigation. Their potential is in a unique graphic design that attracts the attention of all generations of passengers. To effectively use schematic maps, it is appropriate to optimize their creation process and to pay attention to the user aspect using analytical approaches, such as those used in this work.

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