This work has been focused on a testing of the story-telling concept in use with the map guide. The story-telling concept connects two parts in basic. The first part is a map itself and the second part is some story. Combining these components will create a thematic map. The story-telling in use with maps have become a very popular way of passing information between the map producer and the map readers in recent years.

Collection greenhouses and the Botanical garden were chosen for testing. After the selection of a right product for creating story-telling maps as map guides, two prototypes were made. An experiment was designed and then tested. The results from testing clearly showed which of the proposals is more appropriate. Both the test procedure and the results are described in detail.

Based on testing, four versions of the guide have been produced in Story Maps using the StoryMapTour style. Three for greenhouses and one for a botanical garden. These map guides will take the user through the most interesting plants of the particular greenhouse or botanical garden.