English Summary

The aim of this bachelor thesis called Evaluation of GRASS GIS Graphical Modeler According to the Physics of Notation was to create the evaluation of the graphical notation of GRASS GIS visual programming component Graphical Modeler made by Martin Landa according to the principles of physics of notation for designing effective visual notations by Daniel L. Moody and creating a series of eye-tracking experiments that would confirm the outcomes of the theoretical evaluation. The thesis includes a research of graphical notation of Graphical Modeler and a theoretical evaluation according to the 9 principles. If any imperfections in design of symbols have been found then the thesis includes suggestions for changes.

There were 2 eye-tracking experiments designed for use with different eye-tracking equipment. The first one uses SMI BeGaze and SMI RED 250 eye-tracker which is in possession of Palacký University Department of Geoinformatics. The second one uses open source program OGAMA and Eye Tribe ET1000 eye-tracker. These experiments contain 33 stimuli in 2 parts, with and without questions. Two series of testings have been executed, in total with 26 respondents from the groups of students of the Palacký University and the Czech Technical University in Prague. The testing also included a final survey with 8 questions. The data obtained from the experiments were finally statistically analysed and compared with the evaluation method.

This thesis provides a critical view of Graphical Modeler. The results of this thesis available in Czech language can help with designing a better graphical notation of Graphical Modeler and improve the effectivity of its cognition.


David Novák

e-mail: david.novak02@upol.cz

Univerzita Palackého, 2016

Vedoucí práce

Ing. Zdena Dobešová, Ph.D.