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Main goal of bachelor thesis was to find the influence of day and night mode on map percepcion via eye-tracking method. In theoretical part of thesis was detailed recherche of literature aimed on defining the differences between analog and digital maps, map perception, aspects of map creating, colors, devices used for navigation purposes and day and night mode. Studies of recherche led to defining the differences between both modes.

The beginning of practical part was creation of online questionnaire where were immediately assessed closer specifications of respondents about using the car navigation. 217 questionnaires were gathered from users of car navigation. Online questionnaire aimed especially on using the navigation, its settings and furthermore on subjective opinions regarding to color preferences, 2D or 3D view, wide of lines etc. Also the respondents could write a commentary about issue of day and night mode. Based on these responses we could make outcomes about using day and night mode from respondent point of view. In second part we designed an eye-tracking experiment, which was adjusted according to consultations and collected data. 43 people with driving experiences participated in this experiment. Because of the respondents diversity we could categorize them into groups for evaluation. Whole eye-tracking experiment was divided into two parts, aimed on different issue. First part of experiment examined influence of day and night mode. We tried to simulate real environment of car driving during daytime and also at night. That is the reason we created four routes with the same difficulty, so we can cover up all combination of light conditions. For the second part of experiments we created series of stimuli which was aimed on color preferences and orientation. We placed two tasks into the second part of experiment. One examined orientation in day and night mode while driving during daytime and the other one examined attention of respondents in day and night mode while driving during night time.

The evaluation of first the part consisted comparison between time spent in navigation area and accuracy of reading this information, because these two factors are the most important in using car navigation. It was found that respondents spent less time in navigation area during day mode and driving at night. However in this combination the disorientation of respondents seemed to be highest. Also it was found that at night mode respondents spent less time orientating in navigation while driving at night than driving during daytime using night mode. There was not found fatal disorientation while driving at day and using night mode. These are the reasons why author recommends using both modes.

Evaluation of the second part consisted in determination of the path way and specification of color preferences to the stimuli. All stimuli were evaluated individually and compared between itself. Result of the second part, is recommendation on color using for map background and highlighted paths. When evaluating the first task it was found that it is more difficult for respondents to drive at day and using nigh mode in navigation. This finding can be backed up with percentage of correct answers about path course while using different modes. When evaluating task focused on attention we found that respondent can be dazzled by navigation environment while using day mode and driving at night. This can cause that change of traffic situation could be unnoticed.

Recherche of literature regarding to problematic was fulfilled in chapter 3. Differencies between day and night mode, defining subjective influences which affect the map user and identification of differences in sing keys for day and night mode are described in subheading 3.3.User preferences in map perception which was done by online survey is described in chapter 4. User testing and its evaluation is described in chapter 5. Chapter 6 – Results – summarize findings and their interpretation. Result of the bachelor thesis is user comparison between day and night map reading used in navigation and comparison of sing keys used in day and night mode. We fulfilled subgoals and main goal of the research.

Bachelor thesis Influence of day and night mode on map perception contains comprehensive view on navigation mode issue.

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