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Quick and representative recapitulation of whole diploma thesis.  

The main aim of this diploma thesis is to find out the answer to uncertain phenomena, how do people perceive different types of an infographic using eye-tracking technology. In addition to acquired knowledge, the goal is to develop complex rating of tested infographic visualization.

The theoretical part of work describes comprehensive characteristics of infographic´s issues, starting with their historical evolution in time with practical examples of usage. Following the description of methods of infografphic`s creation and the major components of this type of visualization. Based on this theoretical research, the main aim of this part is to single out unique logical categorization of the infographic, which has not been clearly defined yet.  

Practical part describes eye-tracking testing, analysis and rating of the selected infographic in detail. At the beginning of main part is mentioned the short and clear description of the whole process dedicated to infographic´s creation. The final output of this work is infographic brochure thematically oriented to Palacký University´s Faculty of Science. In brochure are practically applicated all the best-evaluated results from preceding eye-tracking testing and theoretical research.  

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