The main target of this thesis is offer alternative solution of commercial eye-tracking software. That is open-source software mainly developed on Universities. There has been tested six different open-source eye-tracking software in this thesis. OGAMA, iComponent, Carpe, eyePatterns and ITU Gaze Tracker. Testing was focused on using of software in cartography. The OGAMA software was evaluated as the best one. The main advantage was number of analysis tools. OGAMA was developed on University in Berlin by Adrian VOßKÜHLER and was introduced in 2008 at the first time.

Thesis has concentrated on description of particular analysis tools in OGAMA software. Thesis shows possibility of most important tools with possible using in cartography and influence of their settings on final results.

The next part of this work was comparison of OGAMA with commercial software SMI. Both programs OGAMA and SMI created visualization of fixation with using the same data. The main point of this part of work was comparison of those results and findings of differences. Based on this differences there was changing of settings of OGAMA till the results were almost the same.

The final part of thesis was comparison of analyzing tools of OGAMA and SMI eye-tracking software. Instead of fact that both software OGAMA and SMI are very similar each one has its own specific tools. Those tools were described and analyzed in this part of thesis.

As a practical part of this thesis was created COTOS software. COTOS provides conversion tool for data changing between OGAMA and SMI. Each software uses specific data format and using both OGAMA and SMI software for solution of one case was impossible.

Michal KUČERA | 2014