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Department of Geoinformatics at Palacký University in Olomouc is engaged in the wide area of cartographic research topics. Feeling the absence of objective evaluation of cartography products, since June 2011 we have started the research on cognitive visualization using eye-tracking.
Research orientation of our group is the application of the eye-tracking technology and cognitive sciences in the field of evaluation and optimization of maps.
The team is formed by young scientists interested in different aspects of geographic information visualization. Research topics deal with cognition of maps complexity, 3D visualization, uncertainty, map elements and layout and other themes, leading us to the only aim – to do better maps.

The laboratory is equiped with professional eye-trackers Tobii Spectrum 300 and SMI RED 250. We are also usinge three pieces of low-cost EyeTribe trackers and mobile eye-tracking glasses Pupil Core. Eye-movement measurement can be enhanced by EEG measurement with the use of Emotiv EPOC device or with GSR data from Shimmer 3.
For data analyses, we are using Tobii Pro Lab, SMI BeGaze, opensource application OGAMA, V-Analytics, R Studio for statistics and some other tools for specific types of analyses.