Study plan

Bachelor’s degree course Geoinformatics and geography consist of 6 terms (three years of study) and graduated students have skills in fields of geoinformatics, geoinformation technology and geography.

In geoinformatics are students educated in the basics of digital representation of reality, geoinformation technologies of geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, global positioning system (GPS), geostatistics, computer cartography and its applications in geographical problems. Geographical part of study is focused on various branches of geography (climatology, hydrology etc.) and the methods of study of landscape sphere. Integral part of education is cartography and its use in geoinformatics, as well as geography.

Aim of study

The main aim of study is to prepare university-educated geoinformatics with brief overview in fields of geoinformation technology. Graduated student are able to use the potential of geoinformation technologies in various branches of geography. The university education develops independence and individual creativeness of students. The study plan is focused on take advance in practice. During working out of semester practice students use knowledge from lectures and their practical skills.

Graduates are able to work with GIS software, write documentation and partly participate on research and development activities in common geographical problematic using geographic geoinformation technology. During the study students acquire the theoretical knowledge and skills in geoinformatics and geographical disciplines. Students become familiar with the most modern software products and will receive basic knowledge of computer and mathematical discipline, the theoretical basis of informatics, programming and information systems. Student is also experienced in implementation of the software project.

The highlight of study is working out of diploma thesis. Student demonstrates the ability to work independently and professionally to apply the knowledge and skills gained during the study.