The main goal of the bachelor's thesis was to update the list and data on playgrounds and sports fields on the server Furthermore, the aim was to describe the equipment and focus on the area of playgrounds and sports fields and to add other necessary data.

A very important step was the collection and acquisition of data. The source data (location of existing playgrounds) were inserted into the map for subsequent use in field measurements. Data were obtained by field measurements. This data was then processed and inserted on a website. This successfully completed the website update. The total number of pitches on the website is 128 compared to 104 pitches before the page was updated.

This was followed by the creation of a geodatabase with playground polygons, which was created in ArcGIS Pro 2.5.0. The creation of the geodatabase was successful and contains a point and polygon layer of playgrounds, which are connected by an M: N relation to the list of game elements. A guide was created to the geodatabase for its further update by users who do not have much experience with GIS software.

The created digital data was used to create a map application of playgrounds and sports fields in the city of Olomouc, which is now located on the updated website and serves as a map display. The application also includes the function of filtering playgrounds according to the game elements that are on the playground.

Another output is a printed map in A1 format, which shows playgrounds and sports fields on a map of Olomouc. The map is supplemented by photos of selected playgrounds and interesting game elements.

232/5000 The main result is an updated website, where there is now a window with a web application, the courses have updated descriptive information and photos and are supplemented by new courses that have been built since the last update.