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Sensor Networks

Garant of the specialization (contact person): assoc. prof. Vilém Pechanec, Ph.D.

This specialization in the context of research direction Contactless monitoring is focused on the integration sensors data and geoinformation technologies for continuous and operational monitoring. Work activities are development environment for managing sensor data using GIT and they have two topics: i) development of analytical and visualization modules for the supervision center based on the principles of sensor web, and ii) a system for storing and managing sensor data. The activities also include solution to the problem the real use of these technologies to solve environmental problems. To collect data, use the contact and contactless sensors, for data transfers, wired and wireless solutions.

We work closely with SATTURN Holešov spol.

Selected projects

The System for automated monitoring and modeling of groundwater pollution from non-point industrial sources (SAMMWAP) (2018-2021), TAČR

Contactless monitoring and modeling of spatial-temporal variability of selected soil properties of differentiation (2016-2018), TAČR

Integration of the sensor network and the remote sensing small format for the prediction of snow hazards (2011), the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanism

Wireless continuous monitoring (2010), FRVŠ

Adaptive wireless sensor networks with data visualization for crisis management (2010-2013), MPO TIP


Comparison of soil properties selected ecosystems – software

Deployment of multispectral optical sensors for monitoring soil properties /in Czech/ – certified methodology

Integrating of the optical data with data from sensor networks /in Czech/ – certified methodology