Ing. Elvis Tangwa

Ing. Elvis Tangwa

Doktorand (interní)

+420 585-63-4540/607265501
office no. 2.27
office hours: by appointment


 Topic Spatial models of landscape responses under the influence of climate change


10.2018 – present: PhD student at Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic .

10.2014 – 06-2017: MS.c. Forest information technology : Eberswalde University of Applied

                               Sciences (HNEE), Germany and Warsaw University of Life Sciences,

                                  (WULS) Poland

09.2007 – 09.2009: MS.c. Exploration and Environmental Geosciences : Luleå University of

                              Technology, Sweden

10.2001 – 07.2005: BSc. Geology. University of Buea, Cameroon


01.2010 – 08.2011: Lab Assistant: Kjeoy Research and Education Center (KREC), Norway

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2021 Tangwa, E., Tracz, W., Pechanec, V., Yuhc, YG. (2021): Predicting plant species richness in forested landslide zones using geostatistical methods. Ecological Indicators. 132, 108297. Detail
2021 Pechanec, V.; Cudlín, O.; Zapletal, M.; Purkyt, J.; Štěrbová, L.; Chobot, K.; Tangwa, E.; Včeláková, R.; Prokopová, M.; Cudlín, P. Assessing Habitat Vulnerability and Loss of Naturalness: Applying the GLOBIO3 Model in the Czech Republic. Sustainability 2021, 13, 5355. Detail
2019 Pechanec,V., Kilianová,H., Tangwa,E., Vondráková, A., Machar, I. What is the Development Capacity for Provision of Ecosystem Services in the Czech Republic? Sustainability 2019, 11(16) Detail
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