Identification of barriers in the process of communication of spatial socio-demographic information

Doba řešení: 2023 - 2025 | Zdroj financování: GAČR

The most efficient way to communicate spatial information is through visualization using maps, but the effectiveness of these maps is dependent on the visualization methods used. The process of interpreting static maps is already well-understood; with the development of new technology, advanced interactive approaches which have not yet been sufficiently verified are emerging. To streamline the cartographic communication process, it is necessary to investigate the impact of interactive geovisualization methods on users. It is key to verify the effectiveness of the flow of information between the author of visualization and its users in social disciplines like sociology and demography. Barriers disrupting this process and leading to the loss of information will be identified by qualitative testing. Subsequently, a quantitative approach will be used to verify the existence of these barriers on large populations. The results will help to uncover the mechanisms of the cartographic communication process.