Advanced monitoring, spatial analysis and visualization of urban landscape

Doba řešení: 2016 - 2017 | Zdroj financování: Internal grant agency, Palacký University

During the last 60 years, cities have undergone rapid growth tightly related to unrestrained exploitation of space, which has brought numerous problems. Regulation of urban development is being attended by various institutions differently, on various levels of state and self-administration, usually by means of urban planning. Planning usually takes into account the current and previous state of a landscape to predict possible states in the future.

This project is focused on a combination of remote methods of data collection (remote sensing) and their subsequent spatial analysis and advanced geovisualization using web applications and 3D printing to provide better results for the management of the urban landscape.

The main goal of the project is to use the methods mentioned in the previous paragraph to identify, quantify and analyze particular changes of urban and suburban space that took place in the past three decades (1985–2015) in selected cities in Europe.

Five cities were chosen in Middle Eastern European Countries (former Communist Bloc) for the project.