Eye-tracking lab

Administrator: dr. Stanislav Popelka

more info on eyetracking.upol.cz

SMI RED 250, Tobii Spectrum 300, EyeTribe, Emotiv EPOC, …


3D Geospatial Laboratory (3DGLORY)

Administrator: dr. Jan Brus

Mcor IRIS HD, Ultimaker 3, Stratasys F170, Poseidon Duo, 2x Prusa i3,  Tangible-landscape, VR glasses Oculus Rift + Pimax 4K, …



GIS lab

ucebna GISAdministrator: dr. Zdena DOBEŠOVÁ

24 seats and 1 teacher spot (24 × HP Elite 8300 CMT (i7-3770, 8 GB, 500GB, W7 Pro) + monitor AOC e2260SWda LED 22″ wide Full HD), PCs equipped with GIS and modelling software (ArcGIS, QGIS etc.)

data projector Hitachi CPX308, speakers, magnetic board


Remote Sensing lab (DPZ)

Ucebna_DPZAdministrator: dr. Jakub MIŘIJOVSKÝ

20 seats and 1 teacher spots, PCs equipped with GIS and Remote Sensing software (Envi, ArcGIS etc.)



Classroom S3

Ucebna_S3 k tabuliAdministrator: dr. Zdena DOBEŠOVÁ

PC for lecturer, data projector, screen, speakers, capacity for 50 people



Map room

ucebna GISAdministrator: dr. Alena VONDRÁKOVÁ

15 working seats, 8 map boxes, library, large table for map reading, data projector