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Zhibek Solpieva - Author
RNDr. Rostislav Nétek, Ph.D. - Supervisor (Palacký University Olomouc) 
Dr. Christoph Traun - Co-supervisor (Paris Lodron University Salzburg)



The purpose of this study is to create an e-learning tool for web cartography, which will consist of tutorials demonstrating how to use three popular JavaScript Mapping APIs: ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript, Google Maps API, and Leaflet. To explore the strengths and weaknesses of each API in terms of their data visualization capabilities and cartographic design, as well as their similarities, specifics, and differences, the student formulated two research questions. To achieve this, a thorough examination of each API was conducted by evaluating its strengths and weaknesses, as well as comparing them to one another. Educational articles were utilized as sources during this process. The study also involved practical tutorials on how to use each API for web mapping applications in real-world situations. 

The expected results of the study will be the creation of an e-learning platform that offers comprehensive guides on each API's functionalities, including feature highlights and benefits. Additionally, the study will provide further clarity on the differences between the APIs in terms of data visualization and cartographic design aspects. In summary, the objective of this investigation is to improve the understanding of web cartography by developing an e-learning tool that will assist in the learning of three widely used JavaScript Mapping APIs.

The figure presented illustrates the fundamental stages of e-learning platform development. Additionally, it showcases the primary software employed to generate in-depth comparison tables and tutorials.


This e-learning platform “GeoPick” designed to help learners navigate the world of web cartography. The main focus is on helping learners choose the most suitable JavaScript mapping API for their project, and we provide a comprehensive comparison table of popular APIs such as ArcGIS JavaScript API, Google Maps API, and Leaflet.

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